WP Hotel ViewOur hotel was right on the riverfront just up from the ocean bay. Looking out our hotel window (a gorgeous view) it was evident why the Vikings, almost a thousand years ago, selected this very spot for settlement: high ground, easily defended, great access to fertile land and the sea, and just across the strait to England. But the Vikings were just the beginning of a complex and long history of this city’s development. We had a great tour of the Bishop’s Museum with wonderful interpreters, in period clothing and using period speech and mannerisms (early 1800s), providing a thorough overview of 800+ years of history in less than an hour; it was great! But the biggest event for this day was the tour of the Waterford Crystal Factory.

 Waterford Crystal Composite

Gorgeous glassware for lots of euros! But the factory did a great tour covering the history of Waterford Crystal, glass blowing, shaping, grinding, designing, cutting, polishing, coloring, etc. The one-off commissioned pieces were most interesting; sports trophies, People’s Choice Award, and even a 911 tribute to firefighters. And, as you might expect, we saw Waterford Crystal in all the churches, public buildings, and lots of shops. After much deliberation, Carol bought a couple of pieces at the factory. They will remind us of a great place, and a wonderful trip with granddaughter Lauren.