This blog is about observations, memories, travel, and perspective from my experiences. The seat of a motorcycle may seem a strange place from which to conjure blog stories, but, as many riders know, the burble of the wind, hum of the engine, and sensory saturation stimulate the mind causing it to dash to many places close and far.

Boxxer is the name of one of my motorcycles (why we name our machines (deserving ones) is a story within). From BOXXER’s seat, I make observations, conjure up old memories, and create stories. “Everyone has a story to share”: take a look at some of mine.

“After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” –Philip Pullman (in The Power of Story)

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Rosemary Berger said:

    Hi Jim,
    My name is Rose Burger Berger from Jasper. I think we share the same great great grandfather, Jacob Burger. His son, William, fathered Peter Andrew (my grandfather) & August (your grandfather). My husband, Gene, & I are currently in Germany. Do you know where Jacob & George, Jr. were born?


    • Hi Rose, I tracked that down a year ago but can’t seem to find my records. I will try again and see if I can locate the name of the village before you leave Germany.


      • Rose Burger Berger said:

        Thanks, Jim. I’ve already learned so much from your blog about the Burger family & it’s stirred memories of your grandparents. I remember visiting them in their home. Would that be the brick house you refer to that William left when he married Elizabeth in 1865? Gene & I are in Heidelberg, heading to Darmstadt, then Frankfort prior to returning home next week.


      • It appears you all are having a great trip; wonderful. Sorry, I couldn’t find my research records; I haven’t worked on this in quite some time and I have moved a lot of files and computers in the meantime. But if you are interested, we should get communicate about family history when we get the opportunity. I am setting off for some travel myself and it will be a few weeks before I get back to my office. The house in which you visited my grandparents might have been the house that William built which is where our grandfathers were born. My father was born there as well, as was I.


      • Rose Burger Berger said:

        I appreciate your help. In the meantime, more research is in order & that’s always a good excuse to return to Germany. We’ve had a wonderful trip & we wish you the same in your travels. I’ll contact you in the future.


  2. did the alaska motorcycle trip and wrote a novel about it:
    a boy a bike alaska — fathom publishing/ will send a free copy if you send me your mailing address


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