Number of days on trip: 24
Number of days on road: 21
Average number of miles/day: 348
Most miles per single day: 520
Total miles traveled: 7,317
Number of times stopped to gas up: 42
Number of gallons of gas used: 160. 2
Average miles per gallon: 45.67
Total cost for gas: $660
Average cost for 91-93 octane gas: $4.12/gal
Number of trip blogs posted: one/day, on average

Favorite parts of the trip: The ride itself; the people I met; the various landscapes; the day-to-day exposure to the elements; the local coffee houses and diners; becoming one with my machine; the BMW rally; campgrounds, new riding buddies.

Least favorite: The clueless old codgers (you know, those 60s somethings) in RVs creeping along on no-pass roads, with mile-long traffic back ups, who refuse to pull over to let traffic pass.CC25 Coast to Coast

Final thought: I believe that unless and until you have driven coast to coast across this country by car, you will never appreciate how vast and varied it really is. Appreciate it even more by traversing it on a motorcycle so you can feel the wind and temperature changes, get wet when it rains, smell the landscape, and see it all with an unobstructed view.

Better yet in some ways, and worse in others, is to do it by bicycle. I encountered a couple of dozen long-distance bicyclists fully packed, with some dragging one-wheel trailers, humping up the mountains and across the plains and deserts. I can only imagine how a bicyclist must become one with his/her body, the bicycle, and the road; where the slightest change in temperature or slope of the road greatly changes the level of physical exertion; and how one must surely be at deep peace with themselves to be able to stare at the road and their front wheel hour after hour and day after day.

In any case, I think, with Boxxer,  I found just the right mechanism to see and enjoy “America The Beautiful”. Wish you all could have been along for the ride.

So many roads! So little time!