I crawled into my damp sleeping bag with all my clothes on. I pulled my riding jacket over my shoulders and my rain jacket over my legs. I was dreaming about the nice bed in the cabin the night before when I awoke. “Wow, this is the third time!” On the verge of being cold, hearing the rush of water next to me, and now paying for sharing that bottle of Merlot with Richard over dinner, I had to pee again! Have you been there, done that, or is this just about me getting old?!

The temperature didn’t get much above 55, but the sun occasionally broke through the overcast skies. It was a chilly ride up the Icefields Parkway, but we were rewarded with wonderful views of the Canadian Rockies, sights I have never seen in all my travels:Glacier & FlowersCrowsfoot colorsCurve in RoadFlowers along riverBoxxer low lightBow LakeBikes & Crowsfoot Glacier

I suppose everyone who passes through here has a different impression of what they see, and they react in different ways: excitement, wonderment, and maybe bewilderment. For some it may be a spiritual experience. For others, not so much. While enjoying a spectacular view of the landscape, we overheard a teenager tell her parents: “I hate this place; I want to go home!” There is a time and a place for everyone. For some, this may never be the place. For all of you, I recommend it highly. If you haven’t been, put it on your bucket list now. This is an easy and friendly place to visit. You don’t need to stay at Mosquito Creek Campground!