Which of these two cities is the Provincial capital of Saskatchewan: Saskatoon or Regina? If you said Regina, you are correct, of course, and you are thinking: “Everyone knows that.” Well, not everyone, because I thought it was Saskatoon—maybe because of it’s more central geographical location, size, and the fact that the University of Saskatchewan is located there.

My father-in-law was born in Regina, the child of German immigrants. He was 10 when the family moved to Chicago, but he didn’t become a US citizen until his mid-twenties. The story goes that his future Italian in-laws, immigrants themselves, insisted he become a citizen before they would consent to the marriage of their daughter. Family lore associated with Regina made me curious about the place, and now I had the opportunity to see it.

150 anniversary

Downtown Regina during Farmer’s Market

I entered “Regina” in my Navigator IV GPS and it took us to the central business section next to a large tree-covered park. The place was buzzing with activity. The Wednesday Farmer’s Market was in full swing; for a snack, Richard bought a box of British Columbian cherries that were nearly the size of apricots. We sat on a park bench, ate cherries, and enjoyed park scenes of outdoor classes, a large yoga group doing moves that I thought would hurt, and tourists taking photos of monuments and Canada’s 150 anniversary celebration signage displayed across two large buildings.

Richard in Park

Richard, relaxing in Regina’s central park.

“What is that beautiful building?” I asked Richard via helmet intercom as we rolled south out of city central. “Let’s check it out,” he said. A quick left turn put us in front of the Saskatchewan provincial legislature building, a beautiful structure. There we met two couples, about our age. Shirley and Larry were from Buchanan MI, visiting their long time friends Bev and Ethel from Regina. A long, friendly conversation ensued whereby Bev and Ethel taught us much about the history and culture of Regina including the fact that, yes, Regina is indeed the provincial capital of Saskatchewan.

New Friends

New-found friends, Larry, Shirley, Ethel and Bev in front of Saskatchewan Legislature (that’s Queen Elizabeth on her favorite horse Burmese)