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“HCascades May 2013ey, Dad, if you aren’t busy, how about we take a hike tomorrow? My kids will be at day care and I have the day off work. It is going to be a beautiful spring day.” That was my daughter Julie on the phone. Awesome, I thought, but with two kids ages 5 and 2 that preoccupy your every available hour off the job, and a house and garden to keep up, you want to take a hike with your Dad on your day off? “Sounds great sweetie, let’s do it.” Busy or not, when your daughter calls and wants to spend most of a day with her Dad, just hanging out—that is special. Whatever it was I had planned for the next day became much less important.

And it really was a beautiful spring day. It had rained 5 inches during a cold, previous week, but was now in the mid-70s with bright sunshine. The woods were lush with spring wildflowers and Little Stony was full, but not overflowing. The Cascades Falls is a protected site on Little Stony Creek in the Jefferson National Forest about 20 minutes from Blacksburg, VA. It is an easy, 2-mile walk to the falls, and a favorite outing for folks in the area. Father and daughter had a great time.

Jim Julie Cascades