Ken had never been west of the Mississippi River, so he was most happy to ride another 180 miles round trip to see the Pacific Ocean. A circular route took us from Salem, to Corvallis, to Newport, Lincoln City and back to the rally site. A 7:00 am departure in the fog put us on the coast for breakfast at 9:30. Ken had his usual eggs, potatoes, and bacon, but I was determined to have clam chowder, which is what this part of the shore is known for.
“Is it too early for a bowl of chowder?” I asked the waitress when we arrived at the The Coffee House cafe (photo).
“It’s never too early for chowder,” she said with a friendly smile.CC13 Composite Newport Beach
The restaurant is on the historic Newport Pier, a quaint fishing village on the Oregon Coast. After breakfast we motored north to find beach access for a photo to prove we were there. The water on this coast is cold, and the shore line is mostly rocky with beautiful cliff escarpments. But we got close enough at one point to pose with our motors for a shot of the shoreline.
A motorcycle ride on Hwy 101 all along the coast is on my to do list.