Still riding at 6:30 pm, I was determined to get some distance from Buffalo, NY. My map, suggested that Dansville, NY, would be the right size for a local motel and restaurant. My GPS identified the Logan Inn and the Sunrise Family Diner. A good call on both accounts, and I was in bed by 8:30 and asleep by 8:31.

It was dense for the first hour, but, as fog lifted the following morning, beautiful panoramas of the NY and PA rural countryside came into view. The West Branch of the Susquehanna River flows through this mountainous region of the Allegheny Plateau. I followed it along Route 15 from Williamsport to Harrisburg, PA. Had I a boat, I could have floated to my destination as the Susquehanna enters the head of the Chesapeake Bay. CC21 Composite New York to Delaware

Instead, I motored through Lancaster County, sometimes called the “Garden Spot of America.” There may be a number of reasons it earned that moniker, but one is that, in fact, it is the most agriculturally productive non-irrigated place in the US. It is also known as Pennsylvania Dutch Country containing one of the largest Amish settlements. Horse-drawn buggies on roads, horse-drawn implements in fields, Amish women and girls in village shops, and boys on large-wheeled scooters are seen throughout the county. The Amish culture is quite the tourist attraction and the Amish folk are happy to take full advantage by “selling their culture” to the “English.”

By now you have figured out that the “CC” abbreviation at the head of each blog post refers to “Coast to Coast.” Newport Beach, Oregon, was my Pacific Coast touchpoint, and I chose Assateague National Seashore as my Atlantic Coast touchpoint. Skirting around Wilmington, DE, and then Dover, the state capital, I headed for the DE beaches. The nice lady at the DE welcome center assured me that driving along the DE beaches would not be a problem on my way to Assateague despite the height of tourist season. She was right. The last photo shows Boxxer next to the Indian Bay Bridge spanning one of the inlets. However, she failed to mention that right across the DE/MD line would be total chaos: Ocean City, MD, “Little Las Vegas of the East!”