Richard, my riding partner and I, limped into Corydon, IN, our first night’s stay after 420 miles and 1200 mg of IBP. Corydon was Indiana’s first capital city. IN became a state in 1816. Its constitution was signed in the open under the shade of an elm tree. The tree lived another 100+ years until 1925. A part of it is still enshrined in a large sandstone encasement on High St in Corydon, the city’s main “claim to fame.”


One day’s ride completed, 29 more to go. We departed Virginia for Salt Lake City, UT, to attend the National BMW motorcycle rally. From there we will head north for the Canadian Rockies and go as far as Jasper Alberta before turning east back across the Canadian prairie. This trip is meant to be a 30-day fun adventure. The question is: What will run out first—-My $400 cash allowance, my bottle of IBP, my 3 sets of underwear, or my riding buddy’s patience? What do you think?