There were no drag races, no drunken brawls, and no wet tee shirt contests. There were riding skills contests, a beer tent, and most of the women attending rode their own bikes.

The National BMW Rally was held at the Utah State Fairgounds in Salt Lake City. There were 4,225 riders registered with over 3,500 BMW motorcycles parked or moving about on the grounds.

Rally 2

BMW rally at Salt Lake City Fairgrounds; motorcycles and tents covered the grounds.

It is a 3-day event with contests, demonstrations, riding classes, organized rides, venders for every conceivable thing you could attach to a motorcycle or your body. Richard got some new boots and we both bought a pair of Moto Skiveez with sown-in butt cushions for our 400+mile days. And there are lots of seminars on riding techniques, safety, adventure trips, etc. The following is an example:

“Moto camping for the beginner”

“Suspension technology explained, old and new”

“FAQ about sidecars”

“Using a motorcycle to build strong relationships”

“Portugal—Europe’s hidden moto gem”

“Touring tips and tricks”

“How to keep riding well into your golden years”

“Hearing protection technology”

“Be smart, be seen: Tips for enhancing rider visibility”

“BMW performance center skills clinic”

“Women riders meet and network”

You get the picture.

Rally 1

Difficult to capture the rally event in a single photo.

The beer was cold and music venues were great. We were entertained by The Moonshine Gang, Hogan and Moss, the Utah County Swillers, Big Sandy and his Fly Rite Boys, and James Intveld among others.

After 3,200 miles, it was also time to clean the bikes and chill out a bit—-thinking about the Canadian Rockies.

Richard washing his bike

Time to remove 10,000 dead bugs and grit from our machines.