Lots of folks ask why travel long distance by motorcycle. The short answer:  “It’s all about enjoying the road.” A longer answer: Its about the “blue highways” like route 50 east of Jefferson City, MO, route 94 east of Colorado Springs, and route 93 from Salt Lake City, UT, to Jasper, Alberta.Wasatch MountainsCurve in Road

It’s about the small country towns like Arco, ID, Silverton, CO, and Larned, KS.Silverton CO

It’s about “Mom and Pop” hotels, cabins and campsites with unique settings and people.Lost river hotelCabin & wheelbarrowCampsite

It’s about the local diners and coffee shops with unique fare like beet sandwich, elk burger, salmon roll, raspberry/peach cobbler, and rum raisin ice cream.Front Porch RestaurantIce cream shop Radium Hot Springs

It’s about the local folks who were born and raised in those towns and still live there because they can’t imagine living anywhere else.Group at Cowboys

It’s about meeting people from all places and walks of life who enjoy meeting us while we share stories about our travels and home (Young women from Belgium with whom we shared a picnic table: Carla, museum curator, Kit Carson, CO).Belgian GirlsFullSizeR(2)

It’s about being in the elements, the sun, the rain, the temperature fluctuations, the sights and smells of the landscapes, all of which makes one feel really alive.Cedar Breaks MeadowAthabasca River w Flowers

Its about the road——–